KITHKITH and Cap'n Make it Happen


Cap’n Crunch is a favorite breakfast snack and piece of nostalgia for 90’s kids. As the brand focuses on its place in today's culture and lifestyle, collaborating with KITH became the perfect opportunity to reconnect with diehard fans.


KITH is an NYC headquartered streetwear brand founded by designer and thought leader Ronnie Fieg. Together, KITH and Cap’n decided to create a comprehensive content, retail, and product campaign for Fall 2016.


GrandArmy was asked to bring this unlikely mashup to life. The collaboration centered around the creation of a new Cap’n Crunch alter-ego - Cap’n KITH, and launched with a pop up shop of co branded products that sold out within hours. The popup was teased with an animated film series, inspired by the old school Cap’n commercials that dominated Saturday morning cartoons in the 90s.


Creative Direction: GrandArmy Animation: Bent Image Lab Music: Antfood Interiors: Snarkitecture


Animation Retail Fashion Breakfast KITH


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